Business Travel Packing List – Travel Light With One Bag!

I am a regular traveler and over the years, I’ve learned to travel light. It was hiking through the mountains of Papua New Guinea that really drove home to me the value of packing light. You don’t want to be carrying things up and down mountains if they are not essential and if you are not going to use them. The same can be said of carrying luggage through international airports from one destination to another. Who wants to be carrying more than they have to when waiting to go through customs or waiting for transport like taxis? This article contains 6 tips that you can follow in order to help you travel light.
Leave the toiletries behind- Don’t carry toiletries. They are unnecessarily bulky, there’s the risk they’ll explode in your bag, and you can buy them cheaply at destinations throughout the world. Leave them behind.Get a Smart Phone with WiFI Access- A smart phone is a must have accessory (I’d recommend getting an iPhone or an Android device.) A smart phone with WiFI has so many benefits. You can download language apps meaning you can leave the phrase book at home. You can check your email and update Facebook and Twitter whilst at McDonalds or Starbucks. You can listen to MP3’s at the airport, on the plane or on trains- pretty much anywhere there is a queue. You are able to leave 3 or 4 other devices or books at home if you have a smart phone or WiFI access.Pack a tablet device or a Kindle- I love reading books and they are a great way to pass the time. Unfortunately books are too bulky for the light traveler. This is why you need a tablet device or a kindle. You can pack 1000’s of books into one small device. I prefer my Samsung Galaxy tab though because I can also watch videos, create documents and play games. By packing my Samsung I can leave books, my laptop and my Nintendo DS at home- packing light!Buy an International Prepaid SIM card- Many people I know go out and purchase different SIM cards for each country that they travel to. This is stupid if you ask me. It is more hassle than it is worth. Why would you want to continuously have to let people know that you have changed numbers when you can get cheap mobile calls, on the one phone number, no matter what country you are in. By a prepaid International SIM card and save yourself the hassle.Pack an elastic clothes line- I’ve taken to packing an elastic clothes line to hang up in hotels when washing underwear. If I’m travelling to a big city for any lengthy period of time I will also seek out the local Laundromat and get things washed. There is absolutely no point in packing too many clothes.Wear nice but functional shoes- Get yourself a pair of functional shoes that are easy to walk around the city in but can also be worn with a more formal outfit. Don’t pack too many pairs of shoes.
If you are travelling for business, follow this travel packing list. Travel light and only carry one bag!