Use A New Mindset To Increase Health and Fitness!

Despite millions of Americans getting on the express train towards better health and fitness, there are still millions of other Americans who are getting more obese and less inclined to exercise and eat right. Do you find yourself in the latter category? Why is this? Resistance to change is the answer. What is resistance? Resistance is the lifestyle an individual lives. If you break up your lifestyle even for better health you seem to break up your life in a way that is not too comfortable to live with. We can throw millions of dollars in health programs, increase research studies on nutrition and exercise, and basically force you to live “healthy”, but once you are not involved in these programs you will return to your comfortable lifestyle. As we all know, our lifestyles consist of our work lives and our personal lives. If you change any aspect of your life you will alter your entire lifestyle. Some people see this as a threat subconsciously. Do you? If so, there is a simple way you can change the way you live without feeling threatened.The method is called self hypnosis and the time it can take to use is only 10 minutes a day. Hypnosis is basically using your mind to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Do you ever watch sports? Do you ever wonder how they can put so much into their training and drills? They have a special mindset. Without this mindset they would never make it to the professional level. For you, you can create your own special mindset that will help you with your motivation to exercise, eat right, and still live a comfortable lifestyle.The first thing you must do is become aware of what exercise and nutrition will do for you in your life. Think of the positive experiences, the increased energy, the increased awareness of self motivation for your other goals in life. What makes you feel good? What motivates you do things in your life? Once you have that feeling of how you are motivated to achieve other goals in your life, you can than transfer (called “reframe” in hypnotherapy lingo) this feeling to what you want to do to increase your desire to exercise and eat right. Then, find a quiet and comfortable space or place where no one will distract you. Settle down and get comfortable. Close your eyes and start relaxing your body by focusing gently on your breathing. Feel your body become very relaxed. With this total body relaxation your mind will be more open to the feelings and motivation you have for exercising and eating right. Imagine yourself living the healthy lifestyle you think will help you live a great life. Imagine the sounds, the feelings, the motions, the visuals, and the thoughts that run through your mind when eating right and exercising. Choose a lifestyle you would enjoy.Do this simple exercise for 10 minutes a day. If you don’t have much time, try spending one minute creating this special mindset. Over a period of time you will find yourself wanting to exercise or eating right. Although this is not magic, what this will do will help you open your awareness and motivation to the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Repetition of the above exercise every day will start creating new pictures in your mind on what type of lifestyle you live and what type of lifestyle you really want to live. Since imagination comes before behaviors which comes before action, by imagining your new lifestyle every day new behaviors and actions will start to occur without that resistance you had in the beginning of your health and fitness journey. E-mail me for questions and help regarding other simple ways you do to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Why Health and Fitness Plus Network Marketing Make a Great Home Business

When you decide to choose a network marketing company, there are so many things to consider. You have to think about the company’s compensation plan, learn about their terms of service, etc. However, the most important choice comes down to the product. If you don’t choose the right product or service, you may never get your business off of the ground.There are some network marketing companies out there with products or services that are simply too difficult to sell. Those who do have success with them probably have tremendous sales skills, signed up their family and friends to join them, or spent years building themselves up to a high level. It is critical to choose a product that you resonate with. If you can’t believe in it or let alone use it on a regular basis, what makes you think you can convince others to do so?This is why the health and fitness niche is a winner. I call it an evergreen niche because almost everyone will at some point in their lives want to improve their health. Improving one’s health could be losing weight, getting into shape, or maintaining their current health. It is a niche that will never run dry!The problem is that many of the products that are in the network marketing industry are not ones that promote the proper way to get healthy. They may sell at first because of the “magic bullet” effect of society seeking an easy fix in a pill or shake. Yet, when there are little results to show for it, the sales may run dry. You have to find products that you feel comfortable using, are legitimate, and truly bring results.The great thing about the health and fitness niche is that you don’t have to be a fitness professional to get started. You just need the desire to utilize the products and become a living testimonial to how they help you stay in the best shape of your life. Doing so makes selling as well as recruiting so much easier.With that being said, choose your company wisely! Consider the health and fitness niche as there are some really excellent products that would make for a great homebased business.