10 Reasons Why Health and Fitness Programs Are Beneficial to You and Your Employees!

With the current trend of getting in shape and eating better comes the concept of having a healthy workforce. The quality of our employees determines the quality of the company.You may think that you can’t afford to have a health and fitness program for your office, but when you look at what we have to say, you may actually see that you can’t afford not to!Why is it so important to have healthy employees and what will it do for your bottom line?#1 Healthy employees have more energy.
And while you may think that does not matter, think about what happens to so many people when their energy wanes. They sit and stare at their desk and when someone walks by, they pretend to be working. When your employee has energy, they are more productive and can get more work done in the day! Not to mention how good they feel when they are being productive!#2 Healthy employees take less time off for being sick.
Exercising keeps our whole body functioning better so we are less likely to get sick physically. In addition to that, people who exercise more have a better mindset, which leads to less sick days due to “mental health”. The healthier the person is, the less health care costs. And I am sure we would all like to save money there!#3 The healthy habits employees are learning are usually carried over into home life.
And while you may think this is irrelevant, how many times have employees not come into work because they were taking care of a sick family member? The healthier your employee and their family is the less often they miss work.#4 Healthy employees are more confident.
This leads to a job better done, and they spend less time waiting to get an answer on every little thing that could have been done already. They take on more challenges and are generally higher producers. This trait is contagious around the office too, inspiring others to follow suit. You wind up having more people for leadership roles due to the confidence they have!#5 Owners who help their employees to create a healthy lifestyle, tend to be more loyal to the company.
When you take an interest in your employees well-being they tend to be happier where they are. This means less wasted money training new people and less time wasted waiting for that person to get to the proficiency level of the old employee.#6 Fitness minded people tend to be goal setters.
Therefore, these tendencies are brought into all other areas of their lives, including the work place. When someone sets goals they are much more likely to accomplish much more than the average employee. Knowing how to set goals and the steps that each goal can take is a great tool!#7 Healthy employees tend to be able to handle stress and high pressure situations much better than the average person.
Exercise can be a great way to let go of tension and keep you focused on the solution. This also affects happiness of the employee. When we work out, we release endorphins into our system which makes us feel good. We also have higher levels of serotonin from regular workouts, making us happy and more emotionally stable.#8 When you have an office health and fitness program, you create more camaraderie with the all the employees.
When everyone gets to work on something together they create a bond. When you have more relationships throughout the work place you also have employees that are more likely to stick around longer and are happier to come into work everyday!#9 The physical appearance of your employees says a lot about your company.
Look around and ask what your employees say about your company image. When you have overweight, unhealthy, tired employees it shows in everything that your company does. When you have healthy, happy, energetic employees, you have people that would like to do business with you more and you wind up having more people that are wanting to work with you. Having a steady stream of people that are waiting to get into your business can be a great thing!#10 The motivational tactics learned in health and fitness workshops are many times cross over skills that can be used on their business issues that arise.
In fitness we are taught that it is not about the problem, but about the solution. What people don’t realize when they are learning this is that they are changing every other aspect of their lives as well with this one power technique of looking for the solution.There are so many benefits to health and fitness in the work place, These are just a few. Your employees are worth it and your bottom line is worth it. LIVE FULL OUT!

The 4 Key Components of Better Health and Fitness

Being conscious about your health, fitness and weight is a commendable thing today. In the midst of our busy and hectic lives revolving around work, studies and social gatherings, it is indeed not easy to spend time to keep track of where our health is going.Disciplined and healthy habits start from the little things we do everyday, like keeping tab on the type and quantity of food we eat, as well as the activities we do to keep ourselves active daily. The small efforts do add up – and together they help you to keep a healthier body and shed off excess weight.Here are four key tips for to you keep a healthy body.Tip 1: Eat right, and at only what you need.In today’s cities, there is an abundance of unhealthy food. Fast food chains and outlets make it easy for you to get loaded with too much salt, sugar and fat in your diet. If you are serious about your health, stay away from ANY fast food outlets. If you need to dine out, get proper and nutritious meals at food centers where you can get a good proportion of veggies, meat and good carbohydrates in each meal.Tip 2: Drink enough clear plain waterTo maintain a healthy body, you will need at least 2-3 litres of plain water a day. You might be surprised, but most people get by with less than a litre a day! This is suicide! No wonder they are unhealthy and overweight. Plain drinking water helps your body to flush away any toxins in your body in the form of urine and your bowels.If you struggle to down a cup of water after each meal, consider carrying a 500ml bottle with you all the time. Drink a mouth or two each hour, and you will find finishing 4 bottles a day isn’t that though afterall.Tip 3: Workout at least 3 times a weekAs what people say “Whatever you don’t use, you tend to lose”. To keep your muscles active, you got to be using them everyday. To keep your heart beating strongly, you have to use it everyday and give it some work to do. Working out 3 times a week will not only keep your muscles and body system in check, but also help you to shed off any excess weight. Be sure to workout for at least 30 minutes in each session.Tip 4: Sleep early and sleep enoughYou need to sleep at least 7 hours a day, and studies have shown that we are biologically programmed to “recover” most effectively from 11pm to 1am at night. Sleep early, kick the habit of burning the midnight oil and wake up earlier to get things done.If you are disciplined enough to carry out this 4 tips effectively, you can be sure to be on your way to better health and fitness!